Development & Institute Relations

202 Parsons-Gates

ExtensionMail Code
6307 Vice President for Development & Institute Relations, Brian K. Lee 202-31
6947 Administrative Assistant for V.P. of Development & Institute Relations,Rebecca Smith
Advancement Services 10-71
6651 Associate V.P. of Advancement Services and Chief Operating Officer, Donna Gastevich
6552 Sr. Admin. Assistant to the AVP for Advancement Services, Belinda Bullock
Advancement Communications 139-74
1210 Director of Advancement Communications, Annette Moore
1249 Director of Advancement Communications, Darren Schenck
3485 Senior Writer, Ann Motrunich
Donor Services 139-74
1245 Director, Donor Services, Sarah Schneider
1211 Donor Service Coordinator, Nelle Tolles
Donor Events 139-74
2459 Manager of Donor Events, Caryn Golub
2043 Lead Donor Events Specialist, Kathryn Moran
2143 Donor Events Specialist, Leilani Sharrett
Donor Relations & Stewardship 139-74
2926 Director of Donor Relations & Stewardship, Amy Chambers
4864 Donor Relations Senior Writer, Executive Communications, Judith Hamilton
6977 Donor Relations Associate
2268 Donor Relations Associate
Finance and Facilities 139-74
6228 Director of Finance and Facilities, Wendy Sloot
3630 Senior Administrative Assistant, Vicki Sumner
Prospect Management & Research 10-71
3123 Director of Prospect Management & Research, Maureen Heintz
3989 Senior Prospect Management Analyst, Cynthia Mikimoto
6213 Senior Development Research Analyst, Kelly Douglas
8763 Development Research Analyst, Suzie Elzie
8950 Development Research Analyst, Brian Fegen
6028 Development Research Analyst, Sok Tng
Strategic Initiatives 10-71
1251 Director of Strategic Initiatives, Mark Longo
Systems & Services 10-71
3022 Director, Information Systems and Analytics, Ashutosh Nandeshwar
6453 Operations Assistant, Cynthia DeSantis-Ramos
3557 Manager, Financial Systems, Mark Gritten
8599 Manager, Special Projects, Michelle Lin
6288 Lead Analyst and Application Architect, Christopher Yoder
6285 Database Management Associate, Lisa Soltero
2125 Development Records Supervisor, Michael Conover
3927 Gifts and Records Specialist, Laura Grissom
4684 Gifts and Records Specialist, Chris Menesess
1215 Gifts and Records Specialist, Megan Simpson
Talent Management 10-71
6308 Senior Director, Talent Management, Christy Cates
8974 Talent Acquistion Manager, Katrina Onderdonk
1239 Talent Specialist, Priscilla Ma
8420 Advancement Information Trainer, Vanessa Boyle
Campus & Community Relations 5-32
4638 Assistant Vice President for Campus & Community Relations, Diane Binney
6328 Senior Administrative Asst. to the AVP, Megan Schmid
Alumni Association 1-97
6594 Executive Director, Caltech Alumni Association, Alexx Tobeck
8366 Associate Director, Alumni Relations, Patsy Gougeon
8363 Associate Director, Alumni Relations, Philip Scanlon
8365 Associate Director, Alumni Relations, Communication and Marketing, Ben Tomlin
3122 Alumni Relations Coordinator, Andrea Rule
8364 Administrative Assistant, Sherry A. Winn
The Associates 5-32
4644 Associate Director, Caltech Associates, Paula Elliott
6898 Associate Director, Caltech Associates, Jerri Price-Gaines
6045 Assistant Director, Caltech Associates, Nicola Wilkins-Miller
3919 Membership Coordinator, Leila Marshall
6392 Administrative Assistant, Ruby Rico
Campus Programs 15-6
6400 Friends of Beckman Auditorium Information
3841 Manager, Campus Programs, Cara Stemen
6059 Marketing & Outreach Associate, Mary Herrera
Auditorium Operations and Event Production 15-6
4696 Campus Programs Operations Manager, Eric Wood
3839 Principal Stage Technician, Dwayne Miles
4698 Lighting Designer/Stage Technician, Ed Brown
2286 Senior Audio Engineer, Erick Ferguson
6657 Stage Technician, Jeffrey Lewis
Facility Scheduling
4696 Beckman and Ramo Auditoriums
Ticket Office 101-51
4652 Ticket Office Information
4656 Ticket Office Administrator, James Muro
3833 Accounting & Operations Specialist, Wendy Vasquez
5907 Audience Services Coordinator, Adam Jacobo
3685 Campus Programs Membership Coordinator, Robin Puri
3700 TDD Information (Telecommunications Device for the Deaf)
Development 5-32
6832 Assistant Vice President for Development, Val Otten
3256 Development Program Manager, Eloisa Imel
6134 Development Assistant, Gail Belansky
Academic Divisions and Regions 5-32
6215 Senior Director of Development for the Division of Engineering & Applied Science, Philip Bonfiglio
4374 Senior Director of Development for the Division of Geological & Planetary Sciences, Ellen Jampol
5877 Senior Director of Development for the Division of Biology & Biological Engineering, Cory King
4643 Senior Director of Development for the Division of Humanities & Social Sciences, Alicia Pilon
4223 Senior Director of Development for the Division of Physics, Mathematics & Astronomy, Ann Rho
8957 Senior Director of Development for the Division of Chemistry & Chemical Engineering, Ivan Shin
5705 Lead Principal Gifts Officer, Mark Reinecke
2385 Development Officer, Engineering & Applied Sciences, Laura Grinnell
3088 Senior Director of Development for Academic Divisions and Regions, Jon Paparsenos
8046 Regional Associate Development Officer, Malik Sooch
3225 Development Assistant, Lisa Knox
6311 Development Assistant, Joe Lima
5860 Development Assistant, Teresa Lopez
2928 Development Assistant, Karen Payne
6972 Development Assistant, Judith Peres
The Caltech Fund 5-32
6290 Director of Annual Giving Programs, Jannah Maresh
6286 Assistant Director of Annual Giving Programs, Brian Han
3843 Assistant Director of Annual Giving Programs, Amanda Haylock
5868 Assistant Director of Annual Giving Programs, Bridget McKay
6690 Assistant Director of Annual Giving Programs, Young Alumni and Student Philanthropy, Perry Radford
6738 Annual Giving Coordinator, Annual Giving Programs, Karine Kadyan
2929 Administrative Assistant, Cynthia Estrada
Office of Foundation Relations 5-32
6369 Director, Foundation Relations, Sandya Narayanswami
6882 Assistant Director, Foundation Relations, JoAnne Mahan
2226 Associate Director of Foundation Relations, Rhonda Hillbery
6360 Associate Director of Foundation Relations, Peter Lefevre
3468 Gifts and Grants Manager, Rick Wiechmann
6454 Senior Department Assistant, Enid Santiago
3258 Assistant to the Director of Foundation Relations, Kathryn Humphrey
Office of Gift Planning 5-32
3709 Director of Gift Planning, Allyson Simpson
6317 Assistant Director of Office of Gift Planning & Manager of Trusts and Bequests, Debbie Bills
6810 Senior Gift Planning Officer, Jim Ehlers
1758 Gift Planning Officer, Oliver Mueller
6250 Trust & Bequest Administrator, Natalie Piega
8461 Planned Giving Coordinator, Frank Bernal
6340 Senior Department Assistant, Jennifer Torres
4950 Gift Planning Assistant, Shelley Lei
Campaigns 5-32
6599 Deputy Campaign Director and Senior Development Officer, Catherine Cosgrove
2931 Campaign Associate, Vannessa Dodge
2506 Administrative Assistant for Campaigns, Blanca Leyva
Marketing & Communications 5-32
8395 Assistant Vice President for Marketing & Communications, Kristen Brown
8371 Assistant to the Asst. V.P. of Marketing & Communications Rosanne Lombardi
Digital Communications 5-32
6624 Director of Digital Communications, Allison Benter
8734 Digital Communications Manager, Ram Basu
4692 Web Developer, Dan Tabata
3631 Editor in Chief, Lori Oliwenstein
6600 Associate Editor/Science Writer, Katie Neith
5815 Copy Editor and Project Manager, Sharon Kaplan
4994 Editorial Assistant, Publications, Michael Farquhar
Marketing 5-32
6615 Director of Institute Marketing, Binti Harvey
3666 Art Director, Caltech Marketing & Communications, Jenny Somerville
6083 Senior Manager, Strategic Communications, Liz Hamilton
6762 Senior Manager, Strategic Communications, Shayna Chabner McKinney
8179 Editor, Institute Materials, Andrew Allan
6098 Photo Editor/Graphic Designer, Lance Hayashida
2403 Marketing Operations Manager, Doreese Norman
4686 Marketing & Communications Project Manager, Sonia Chernobieff
Media Relations 5-32
3226 Director of Media Relations
3227 Senior Media Relations Manager, Deborah Williams-Hedges
5832 Media Relations Specialist, Brian Bell
News 5-32
8022 Director of News, Kathy Svitil
6730 Producer and Lead Writer of Legacy Content, Douglas Smith
6240 Senior Science Writer, Kimm Fesenmaier
2343 Assistant Science Writer, Cynthia Eller
6487 Assistant Science Writer, Jessica Stoller-Conrad
Corporate Partnerships 6-32
4976 Executive Director for Corporate Partnerships, Karina Montilla Edmonds
3935 Assistant to the Executive Director for Corporate Partnerships, Kathleen Hamilton
6373 Senior Corporate Relations Officer
6880 Senior Corporate Relations Officer, John Kastanas
3969 Senior Department Assistant, Gloria Adams