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Online Directory Access Policy

There are really two versions of the Caltech Directory:

The Caltech On-Campus Directory

This version is available only to people on campus, or Caltech people who have logged in with their access.caltech username and password. It has all the work contact information that is in the printed version of the directory. In addition, if you have asked to make your home address or phone number available, it will be displayed in the on-campus directory.

The Off-Campus Directory

The off-campus version of the directory, by default, contains all of your work contact information. However, if you would prefer for certain pieces of information, for example, your office phone number, not be displayed, you may log into access.caltech and use the "My Personal Information" application to restrict one or more items to be displayed only on campus. Note that your home address and phone number are never displayed in the off-campus version of the directory. If you are on campus, you can check to see what off-campus users see by clicking the "Show Off-Campus Version" link at the bottom of an individual person's listing.

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