Student Wellness Services

1239 Arden Rd. • Phone: 626-395-8331 • Fax: 626-585-1522
Mail Code: 1-8
Extension Person/Role Mail Code
Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs and Wellness, Jennifer Howes
Office Manager, Maria F. Lopez
Counseling Services
Phone: 626-395-8331
Assistant Director of Counseling Services and Coordinator of Groups and Outreach, Lee Coleman
Staff Psychologist - Asian/Asian-American Psychology, Charisma Bartlett
Staff Clinician and Crisis Intervention Coordinator, Denise Lin
Staff Clinician, Jane Tsang
Alcohol and Drug Education and Intervention Coordinator, Mirza N. (Naj) Alikhan
Psychiatrist, Mariel Tourani (External Affiliate)
Administrative Coordinator for Student Counseling Services, Nari Shin
Health Services
Phone: 626-395-6393
Medical Director, John Tsai
Nurse Practitioner, Divina Bautista
Nurse Practitioner, Alice Sogomonian
Medical Assistant, Edith (Edie) Montes
Administrative Coordinator for Student Health Services, Jeannie Holloway
Occupational Therapy
Phone: 626-395-8331
Occupational Therapist, Chung-yan G. (Grace) Ho
Student Advocate Programs
Phone: 626-395-6393
Health Advocate Training Instructor, Mark Stapf